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2 World Heritage Sites…in 1 Day!!

9th March 2015 - Uncategorised -

Here at Day Tours London, we are proud to offer you a tour visiting 2 World Heritage Sites in 1 day! Our tour is called Stonehenge, Bath and English Countryside. What could be better than being in England and being able to relax,enjoy, and take in the natural beauty of 2 World Heritage sites in just 1 Day! Well now you can enjoy this day tour with Day Tours London!At Day Tours London, we love visiting Stonehenge and Bath and think that you will love visiting these places just as much as we do!
Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site located in Wiltshire and is one of the most famous sites on the globe.
Stonehenge remains a ring of standing stones.It is located in the most populated area of Neolithic and Bronze Age Monuments in England,including hundreds of Burial Grounds.Archaeologists believe it was built anywhere from 3,000 BC to 2000 BC. Archaeological documentation from 2008 found that Stonehenge could have been a burial ground from its most humble beginnings. Stonehenge is described as a bank and ditch with its central entrance aligning to face the midsummer sunrise in one direction and the midwinter sunset in the opposite direction. The stones were brought from Wales and were arranged in their current setting at about 2300 BC. Stones such as bluestones at Stonehenge have a blueish tinge when wet or broken, while other stones at Stonehenge retain warmth. Visitors today view Stonehenge with awe, amazement and mystery.

The Meaning Behind Stonehenge:
Was Stonehenge built as place of worship, burial, ceremony or celebration? Stonehenge has attracted people for centuries to study and understand it. Artists, writers, druids,and visitors all have wanted to find out more about this World Heritage Site. It is believed that the Neolithic people must have built Stonehenge with a spiritual concept in mind. However, we are not sure why it was built. There is no doubt , Stonehenge has its own secrets!The people who built Stonehenge were farmers and these farmers depended on light. Light to these farmers paralleled with life. Perhaps this could be a reason too why Stonehenge was built? There would have been a longing in these farmers for light and longing in them to return to the longer days of summer. Undoubtedly, Stonehenge is an emblem of strength.Its beautiful stones and its ancient achievement mean it is a unique symbol in one package!
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At Day Tours London, we visit Bath City. Bath is also a World Heritage Site. While on our tour, one will be able to visit the old Roman Baths that date back over 2000 years and which is one of the most ancient sites in the world. Furthermore, you will be astounded by the streets of Bath which are a living and working museum in themselves of Georgian architecture. Bath City itself has its own unique stone which is a form of limestone with granular fragments of calcium carbonate. This gives the stone its own special honey colour which can be seen throughout Bath. Bath is such a beautiful city to visit.

While on our Day Tours London Day Tour, here is a list of our Top 10 things to do in Bath:
1. Visit Bath Abbey; and take in the beauty of this amazing church, with its exquisite interior and inner peace.
2. The Pump Room; why not enjoy a spot of Afternoon Tea here with the Pump Room’s delicious selection of scones, tea and treats!
3. Visit the Royal Cresent and be captivated by this piece of architectural genius.
4. Visit the many museums and art galleries on which Bath has to offer, notably the Jane Austen Centre where you will find lots of information on Bath’s most loved writer.
5. Take a picture of the Pulteney Bridge with its rolling water underneath.
6. The Royal Cresent; with its beautiful Georgian architecture and stream-lined structure.
7. Why not indulge in a Sally Lunn Bun! The oldest bun in Bath! Enjoy this bun over a cup of English Tea, served either with jam or cinnamon butter! Pure Heaven!
8. Taste the locally brewed Abbey Ales.
9. Take a wander around the streets of Bath and visit the many beautiful fashion and antique shops.
10. Visit the vast array of delightful food which is on offer, including Pasty Presto, which is great when you want hot food on the go! And visit the Fudge Kitchen, when you need something sweet. The Fudge Kitchen offers lots of different flavours of fudge and all fudge is made on the premises! A treat for the senses!
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At Day Tours London, we offer you Stonehenge, Bath and English Countryside day tour. The beauty of this tour is that it offers you 2 World Heritage Sites in a 1 day tour!
Day Tours London is a tour company with a difference!
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