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Bite Into Britain!

20th May 2015 - Uncategorised -

Here at Day Tours London, when we are touring and going to Stonehenge & Bath, OR Oxford, Stratford & The Cotswolds, We love eating, and we love our food!! You can find the dishes below ,in any of the locations we visit and across Britain! Yum!

So here is The Day Tours London list of our most favourite British foods that we love to choose from!
( Make sure to try at least some of these on your trip to Britain!) 🙂

Bacon Butty: Who would not love the old reliable ” Bacon Butty”. This is a bacon sandwich. It is always served on white bread and of course butter is spread too! This king of comfort food can be accompanied by Ketchup, Mayonnaise, brown sauce, and the glorious maple syrup! The list is endless. The choice is yours! What you put on your bacon butty is totally down to the individual. The Bacon Butty can be a very debatable topic for lots of couples, friends, families and even children across Britain! Do not under estimate the power of a freshly made Bacon Butty,it has the ability to in fact solve arguments, and even allow apologies to be accepted and forgiven!Eat your Bacon Butty today! Try, taste , Love!

Sausages: Sausages are loved right across Britain. In fact there are over 470 different varieties of sausage in Britain at present. Why are Sausages so popular? Well that’s easy! Sausages are amazing, they smell great when cooking, taste wonderful and are quick and simple to cook. Lots of people associate sausages with childhood, they are a popular breakfast food and a tea-time staple. Sausages are scrumptious in a white bread sandwich topped with Ketchup. Sausages are perfect with potatoes. So when you are in Britain make sure to try them! Sausages are also part of many meals, like Toad in the Hole, Bangers and Mash served with gravy, and even a good English Breakfast which is great anytime of day! Enjoy!
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Roast With Yorkshire Pudding- Oh yes! The good ole Roast with Yorkshire Pudding- where shall I start with this…
Well its a very traditional dinner and is a well known in most households and pubs in Britain. Some people like to refer to it as the “Sunday Roast”. It is a real treat for the senses. Made with either beef or lamb and served with an array of vegetables, gravy and of course the Yorkshire Pudding! The Yorkshire Pudding is used to soak up the juices of the meat. The Yorkshire Pudding itself is made up of a batter consisting of eggs, flour and milk.
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Fish and Chips: Who could not turn down a good portion of fish and chips. Make sure to add lots of vinegar and salt, and of course the portion is always best eaten out of a paper wrapping, from an real fish and chip shop. This meal can also be served with a slice of lemon for added flavour and of course mushy peas. Fish and chips are served almost everywhere, but for real flavour, look for an authentic looking shop!

Beef Wellington: This dish is beef covered in pastry and is named after the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon in 1815. Very tasty dish indeed! I do find it rather filling, but the taste is delicious.

Steak and Kidney Pie: This is a very popular dish and often served in pubs too. If you would like to try it while on your holidays in Britain, make sure that you wash this dish down with a well deserved pint! All the flavours mix beautifully. images (4)

Lancashire Hot Pot: This is a very comforting dish , made from lamb and potatoes. The potatoes are sliced and are round. This dish is then baked in a low oven all day long so that that the flavours and low heat develop the flavour of the lamb.

Cornish Pasty: The Cornish Pasty is a national treasure in Britain. Its literally the best type of fast food and great for when you are on the go. The Cornish Pasty has a meaty filling with vegetables and it is a half moon shape covered over by pastry. The origins of the Cornish Pasty came about when Cornish coal miners ate the pasties as these were easy to eat when their hands were full of soot . The thick edge of the pasty made for a good grip for the miners, and so this part could be thrown away when the filling was eaten. Cornish Pasties today come in all different kinds of flavours, from vegetable only, to beef, chicken and even curried flavours. There is also sweet alternatives too to the Cornish Pasty. Some are apple flavoured,some have jam, even chocolate and banana! 🙂 Cornish Pasties are very nice, flavorful and great for when you are on the move.
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A Cup of Tea and a Scone: I think this is my ultimate favourite! This can also be called a cream tea. I love nothing more to sit down after a long day and indulge into a nice cup of tea and a scone. Of course the scone has to have strawberry jam for me and must also have clotted cream. Tea and scones can be found everywhere in Britain and make sure you indulge. Consuming some tea and a scone is so satisfying and is pure comfort food! When our tour visits Stratford Upon Avon, I love visiting the Hobson’s Coffee Shop. Make sure to have a scone here. And feast your eyes on the amount of cream they offer with the scones!!

Sally Lunn Bun: I would recommend you to try this exquisite bun while on your tour with us in Bath. The bun is amazing, large, soft and served with cinnamon butter or jam! Its a wonderful bun in Bath!

Of course this is just a handful of the best of British foods that you can try while on your stay in Britain.

What are your favourite foods?

We would be delighted to hear what you love and the foods you have tried while in Britain!

Leave your comments below 🙂

Bite Into Britain!