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FAQ’s About Our Tours!

6th October 2015 - Uncategorised -


This blog will aid you on your travels when touring with us here at Day Tours London!

Where is the pick up point for the tour?

We pick up both; our Stonehenge and Bath tour and our Oxford,Stratford and Cotswolds Tour from the one pick up point. This pick up point is from the exit of Gloucester Rd Tube Station. Our guide waits at the exit of the station for you. Check in time for your tour is at 7.45 am.

Do we do hotel pick ups?

No! We pick up from the exit of Gloucester Rd Tube Station only! This means less time in traffic for you, and more time sightseeing! We believe in our slogan ” On and Gone” !

Are there any admission fees included in the price of our tours?

Yes! We include the admission fee into Stonehenge and Shakespeare’s Birthplace.

How long do we spend in each location depending on the tour?


We spend 2 hours at Stonehenge.
We spend 2.5 hours in Bath.
We spend 2 hours in Stratford Upon Avon.
We spend 2.5 hours in Oxford City.

What is the expected time of arrival back into London at the end of the tour?

We aim to be back in London approximately 6.30 pm- 7pm in the evenings. However, sometimes this expected time can be delayed due to circumstances out of our control.

Is there at student or family discount?


Yes, we offer a student discount with a valid student card, use the discount code STUDENT when booking on our website. If you are a family with more than 2 members , use the discount code FAMILY when booking on our website. If you are a senior, use the discount code SENIOR when booking on our website.

Are children allowed on the tours?

Yes, we love to see families on tour with us. We welcome families of all ages!

Is there any particular days when the tours are very busy?

Saturday and Sunday are busy days. If you prefer a quieter tour, try booking mid-week.

Do we allow hot food and drinks on the bus?

Hot food is not allowed on the bus and hot drinks are not allowed on the bus.
You can of course drink water on the bus, or take a bite of cold food. Please be mindful of other customers on the coach who might feel unwell from strong smelling foods.

Is there WIFI on board the coach?

Yes , we have a very good WIFI system on board the coach.

Is there a WC on board the coach?

Yes, there is a toilet on board the coach. This should only be used in emergencies. Ask and consult your guide before using the facility, so that your guide knows that you have left your seat.

What should I bring on the tour?

Bring warm cloths, a rain jacket and scarves or gloves if you are going to Stonehenge. Stonehenge is always a little chilly – even on a warm day!
Bring water to keep you hydrated.
Make sure your show your reservation to your guide on check- in.
Wear warm comfortable clothes as you want to feel comfortable on tour.

Do we include lunch in the price of tour?

Lunch is not included in the price of the tour.

Does the tour have a live guide?

Yes! Both our tours have live guides. Each guide is fun, witty and very knowledgeable!

How often do the tours run?

Stonehenge and Bath runs daily from March to October.

Check our winter schedule on our website calendar for dates throughout the winter.

Oxford and Stratford only runs at the weekends throughout the year.

Do our tours run throughout the winter?

Yes! Both our tours run throughout the winter. Please check our website calendar for available dates.

How can I book this tour?

Booking can be made on our website
Available tour dates are coloured blue on our website calendar.
Dates which are not available are coloured grey.

If you have any further questions, do email us here at:

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