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For All International Students-Get Out of London For A Day!

12th March 2015 - Uncategorised -

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Here at Day Tours London, we love having international students on our tours. It is a highlight to have you all on board with us as working with student groups is our specialty. At Day Tours London, we invite you to take a day trip with us to get out of London for a day and come and see what England has to offer outside of the capital. Why not join us on an excursion to Stonehenge, Bath & The English Countryside , or visit Oxford, Shakespeare’s Stratford and The Cotswold’s. With either tour you will be pleasantly delighted what each place will unfold for you.

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It is always nice to escape the hustle and bustle of a city and of course London is no different. If you are a student you may fancy exploring the mysteries of Stonehenge with us. Take in the mysterious megaliths and explore with us their beginnings, history and what these stones mean. Or it may have always been a lifelong dream of yours to discover beautiful Bath-the City of The Romans. Or you just may want to breathe in deep, clean and fresh English Countryside air, then either way our tour to Wiltshire will be suited to you.

On the other hand , you might have always wanted to visit Oxford-the City of Spires and home of Alice in Wonderland. Of course, you may too be a fan of Shakespeare and long to visit his birthplace- well now you can! Also, you may have always desired to visit the idyllic sleepy villages of the Cotswold’s and this too is possible with this tour. All these places are beautiful and spell out excitement, culture, stunning attractions and views.
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We depart at 8AM from Gloucester Rd, and so our “ON AND GONE “ approach, to our tours means that less time is spent by you on the bus. We are literally on and gone with more time for you to see the favourite sights in your day.

Here at Day Tours London, we love student groups and we want to show you the best England has to offer. Our tours offer fun,focus and are fundamental in bringing you fabulous experiences to all of the above places. We adapt our tours to suit our groups and their interests. Our tours often interest English language students, history students, geography students, art students, photography students and international and home students of all kinds. We pride ourselves for adding fun and discovery on our tours of England.

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So as a special offer – to let all you international students know that we really appreciate you, you can get yourself a discounted offer when you book on our website .
Just use the discount code INTSTUDENT and avail of our amazing offers for Stonehenge, Bath & English Countryside or for Oxford, Stratford, and The Cotswold’s. The choice is yours and we can assure you, you will love every minute of your time on our tours!

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So while you are free, wanting to enjoy life and desire to see the beautiful places of England, join us- Day Tours London, on a tour today!
Day trips out of London never looked so good!