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Hello 2016!

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Here at Day Tours London we would like to wish you a wonderful New Year to you and yours!

We hope 2016 will be year of hope, good fun, great laughs and a year to experience all new exciting things!

Make 2016 your year!

Do the things this year that you always wanted to do!

Perhaps you want to experience England and you have never been!

Well if that is the case “do” instead of procrastinate!

Dust off your passport and come here to England!

There is so much to see and do!

Perhaps you always wanted to visit Stonehenge and Bath!

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Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site and Bath is a World Heritage City!

We offer 2 World Heritage Sites in one day and this will be 2 great locations ticked off your bucket list!

We also offer Shakespeare’s Straford and the stunning university city of Oxford.

Of course while you are in London, you will have to check out all the famous attractions too for example: The London Eye, Harrods, Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the many beautiful green leafy parks in London to wander in, stunning high street shops, vintage shops and bars and caf├ęs.

The list is endless when you are in England and London!
market bath

Here at Day Tours London , we pride ourselves on our two fantastic tours, Stonehenge and Bath & Oxford, Stratford and The Cotswold’s.


We believe in spending ample time in each location so that you our customers get to really experience each place!

Our tour guides are the best in the business and they will show you the beauty of green leafy England.

Exploring- is just one click away!

Book at www.daytourslondon. com

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Make 2016 Your Year:
*Travel More!
*Eat great food!
*Catch up with friends and family!
*Visit locations you always dreamed of; even if you are a native of your own country or a tourist desiring new lands!
*Keep a diary and document your days!
* Write daily affirmations to keep you positive and greatful for your life!
* Laugh out loud and dance like no one is watching!
* Treat yourself to a Day Tours London Tour!
* Visit the mystical Stonehenge and take in its awe and beauty!
* See Bath city and look at the ancient Roman Baths!
* Take a tour through the idyllic English Countryside with Day Tours London and spot some wildlife!
* Discover the stunning university city of Oxford!
* Breathe in ,once in a while and enjoy your surroundings!
* Read a book and put down the Ipad!
* Take a camera with you everywhere and get your photos into a photo album!
* Enjoy 2016 – Because life is just too short not to!!

Have an excellent 2016 everyone!

Day Tours London! xoxox