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Let The Secrets Of The Stones Inspire You!

7th May 2015 - Uncategorised -

Here at Day Tours London, we are proud to offer our famous day tour to Stonehenge, Bath and The English Countryside. At Day Tours London, our Stonehenge Tour runs daily.
So come with us on this 1 day tour from London!
On your tour with Day Tours London, we make sure you have ample time at Stonehenge and so you get a wonderful 1.5 hours experiencing the mysteries of Stonehenge!
Background History on Stonehenge:

There was an original henge at Stonehenge approximately 5,000 years ago but it was presumed it was a earth mound and a ditch in the middle of an open space.
Then around 4,200 BC the Beaker people arrived and began constructing a double line of Stones directly inside the henge. These bluestones were brought from hundreds of miles from Preseli in South Wales. The movement of these stones was an amazing feat ,as most of these stones are incredibly weighty and were brought to Salisbury Plain by boat and sledge , this work is believed to have taken decades.
These stones were barely long enough to be a permanent fixture, when they were destroyed and may have been moved to another site, possibly nearby.
A new circle was then built using the Sarsen Stones from the Marlborough Downs to create an inner horseshoe enclosed by a circle. This is today’s famous circle.

Stonehenge Facts Of Today:
Stonehenge is probably one of the most recognizable images of Britain today.

It is a symbol of the past and the ancient world.

1250000, Expected number of visitors this year to visit Stonehenge in 2015!

Stonehenge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a true wonder of the world.

It is deemed a spiritual location, a place of peace and power, a zone of inspiration.

Stonehenge is an example of one of the most brilliant types of prehistoric stone circles that the world has ever seen.

Stonehenge is aligned with the mid- Summer sunrise, the mid- Winter sunset and the rising and setting of the southerly and northerly moon.

Today it is seen as a prehistoric temple aligned with the movements of the sun.

It is also believed that Stonehenge was a ceremonial centre relating to fertility, death and rebirth.

What is Stonehenge?
Is Stonehenge an ancient burial site?
Is Stonehenge an astronomical observatory?
Is it a Druid’s Temple?
Did aliens construct this beautiful landmark?
Was Stonehenge a ceremonial centre in past times?
Was Stonehenge a healing centre ?
Do you believe Stonehenge possesses a magical power?
Do you feel magnetized or drawn to this ancient landmark of Stonehenge?
Has Stonehenge a spiritual significance in today’s world?
All of these, are questions we have about “Stonehenge” today.
The truth is,no one really knows the answers about Stonehenge.
What do YOU believe about Stonehenge?

Day Tours London, brings you to Stonehenge:
Come with Day Tours London today and let the secrets of the stones inspire you!
Breathe in the clean, country air of the Salisbury Plain and believe in the wonder of Stonehenge.
Feel the magic, the power, the beauty and peace – of this ancient world.
Lose yourself in the energy of Stonehenge and feel the presence of the ancient world surround you.
Let Day Tours London guide you to the Stones!