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Our Amazing Guides At Day Tours London!

16th September 2015 - Uncategorised -

Introducing our wonderful tour guides who work with us here at Day Tours London.

Meet Rozie and Jenny!

What can I say.. these two amazing tour guides are the backbone to our company.

Each morning they battle their way through the underground in order to meet their groups and arrive at the Gloucester Rd with a smile on each their faces and a warm welcome for you their guests!

Whatever the weather you will find Rozie or Jenny- ready, willing and waiting for you to hop on board the coach with them.

These wonderful tour guides will take you to the far reaching Cotswolds, they will convey to you the fantastic Stonehenge, the expansive Salisbury Plain and the beautiful city of Bath.

Jenny and Rozie will also take you to Shakespeare’s Home and transport you into the medieval world of Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

After this, they will then magically zap you to Oxford- the City of Dreaming of Spires.

Each location is beautiful and stunning and has its own unique past, present and culture.

Life on board the Day Tours London Coach with Rozie or Jenny is never dull and each day is filled with history, geography,fun, laughter and interesting information about England and London!

Meet Rozie:

Rozie is a character who is one of the top tour guides in the business! We have been told by passengers that Rozie was undoubtedly the best tour guide they ever had!

Rozie is a fountain of knowledge and loves her job as tour guide. Rozie has lots of experience in tour guiding and it shows!

Rozie has a wealth of information about London and the rest of England and is always keen to share her knowledge with you – her guests on board the coach.

If you ever need a question answered Rozie will fill you in on the answer!

Rozie is bubbly, witty,fun and always ready to help our guests on board the coach.

Rozie herself, loves travel and all matters travel related.

Rozie has been to over 69 countries and she will tell you about them should you wish to ask!

Rozie is a very hard worker, kind, a team player, reliable and excellent at her job.

Rest assured that you are in safe hands with Rozie while in her company.

Rozie’s personality will put you at ease right from the beginning, and you just know from your first meeting with her that your day tour will be brilliant!

Meet Jenny:
Jenny is a wonderful tour guide, who is very caring and kind in her role as a tour guide.

Jenny looks after her guests on board the coach and makes sure each person is cared for and feels comfortable while on board with Day Tours London.

Jenny is witty and funny and makes her guests laugh throughout the tour.

Jenny always makes her day tour fun and can be seen regularly taking photos of her passengers and offering to take pictures for them too.

Jenny has a very soothing and beautiful speaking voice. Some passengers have told us they could listen to Jenny speak for hours!

Jenny is hard working, reliable and fantastic at her job as tour guide.

Jenny also loves to travel and loves travelling to the East. Make sure to ask about her past travels and future travel plans!

Jenny is inspired by philosophy,drama, photography and theatre! Of course Jenny has a soft spot for Mr Shakespeare himself, but shhhhhhsh do not tell her boyfriend!

Jenny will keep you entertained from morning to evening on board the coach with her.

Jenny is a team player and is very competent at her job. Her wealth of tour guiding experience makes her excellent at her job!

Come on board and meet the crew! You will not be disappointed!

You will love our guides Rozie and Jenny just as much as we do!

We must also mention our wonderful drivers who look after everyone on board each day.Thank you so much to Dave, Cathal, Simon, Mark and Tommy. Thank you all for your careful and safe driving.

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