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See Stonehenge & Bath This September!

26th August 2016 - Uncategorised -


September is just around the corner and we are looking forward to this month of mellow and balmy days with perfect sunlight.

What a stunning month in the year to visit Stonehenge and Bath with Day Tours London!

Why visit Stonehenge one might ask?


Firstly, Stonehenge awakens the more supernatural inspirations within us going back to our more Celtic roots.
Stonehenge allows us all to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and look for a more simple existence. We want to soak up the clean fresh air on the Salisbury Plain and take in the beauty of Stonehenge.
Stonehenge provides us with a sense of mystery, and intrigue.

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Why was Stonehenge built? Who built Stonehenge? These are the questions that spark something within us when we think about this fascinating place!
What better than snapping some wonderful pictures of this stunning landscape and taking home these wonderful memories with you.
Here at Day Tours London, we offer 2 hours at Stonehenge and include the entrance fee of Stonehenge in the price of our tour.

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Bath is also on our tour. We spend 3 hours in this stunning city of Bath.
Why not taste the Roman Bath water in the Pump Room , or indulge in a spot of afternoon tea while you are there also? Take a wander through the Roman Bath Exhibition. This is a fascinating experience!
Or even treat yourself to a Sally Lunn Bun, the best bun in Bath!


Our guide will also take you on a short walking tour of Bath, where you can venture and see the Royal Crescent, The Pulteney Bridge, and Jane Austen’s House.

Take in the 18th Century Georgian architecture of this wonderful city and stunning honey coloured Bath Stone. This city really makes you feel like you are in a city of luxury.


Here at Day Tours London, we visit only two of these wonderful sites in one day as we like to give our customers ample time in both these stunning World Heritage Sites.

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