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Spring Has Sprung At Day Tours London!

13th April 2015 - Uncategorised -

Spring is in the air in beautiful England and we all here at Day Tours London are feeling it!

April is such a pretty month in the calendar year and a visit to England at this time of year is most definitely memorable.

While on our tour to Stonehenge and Bath we take a breathtaking journey through the English Countryside and see the rolling hills of England’s valleys and glens and stunning green fields. At Day Tours London, we pride ourselves on being a relaxed tour operator which allows you take in the landscape in a leisurely atmosphere. Our fun guides give you lots of facts about England, its people and its stunning countryside.

Spring in England is from February to early May. Signs of Spring are all around Britain at this time. Notably the days are getting longer, brighter and equally warmer. With the arrival of the Spring Equinox in late March a whole new world is opened up from its winter hibernation, and the countryside is alive again.

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Lovely view of Rapeseed field, on our drive on the way to Bath!

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Typical English flowers to look out for on your drive with us here at Day Tours London through the countryside are; daffodils, bluebells, cowslips and the fields are getting much more green. Colour fills the landscape in every nook and cranny throughout the lush countryside, and each bend in the road is different.

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Spring is also the time in the year when many animals are born. Baby lambs can be seen as you drive through the countryside frolicking with other new born lambs racing in fields as fast as their little legs can carry them.

Calves are also born and are rather tiny in comparison to their mothers. Baby rabbits are born every 6 weeks in Spring and hares can be seen boxing each other in the many fields we drive through on our splendid countryside journey to Bath. Fox cubes are born from March to May usually in litters of five. As we drive through the Salisbury Plain, one can often see hawks, kestrels and even eagles floating about. This is such an amazing experience to see birds of prey in such close proximity to the bus.

In England in spring it is easy to hear the birds like the robin, the cuckoo, bluetits and blackbirds all busy
singing at this time of year. Each type of bird is busy nesting and their song at this time of year is beautiful. Of course these hedgerows are a hive of activity due to these birds, insects,bees and little animals at this time of year.
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Book your tour with Day Tours London today to Stonehenge, Bath & The English Countryside and be inspired by Spring in England.

Spring has most definitely sprung!

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