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Stonehenge…A Memorable Day Tour!

16th May 2016 - Uncategorised -

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Here at Day Tours London, we aim for you to have a fun and relaxed day tour with us to Stonehenge and Bath.

We offer 2 hours at the world famous Heritage Site Stonehenge and we offer 2 hours and 45 mins in Bath!

Our aim is to make sure that you our customers have a relaxed day trip and that you do not feel hurried or rushed on your day tour with us.

Our tour guides are very experienced and are happy to answer any questions you may have about Stonehenge, Bath , the English Countryside or even England in general.

Our tour to Stonehenge and Bath is great value at £64 per person.

We also offer student and family discounts so email us if you would like a special offer! Email us at :

Stonehenge is filled with history and mystery.


Who put these amazing stones at Stonehenge?
What do the stones mean to us in modern times?
How do the stones connect us with our ancient past ?
How do the stones make you feel when you are close to them?
Do you feel connected to the ancient world when you look at these stones?

There are so many questions surrounding Stonehenge. How do you feel about the wonder that is Stonehenge?

Bath is also a World Heritage Site.
Bath is deemed to be one of the most beautiful cities in England.
Famous for its Bath stone – a lightly coloured beige stone unique to Bath. Bath is clearly famous for its Roman Baths and its bathing facilities have always been renowned in this stunning city.
Walk the old streets of this beautiful city and feel very relaxed here.
There are lots of old pubs and restaurants to explore and this city gives a special ambiance to the visitor unlike any other city.
Visit the Roman Bath exhibition, and even try a famous Bath Bun , you will not be disappointed!

Join us on this unique day tour today!


Stonehenge and Bath are stunningly amazing in every way.