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Stonehenge Day Tour With Day Tours London!

21st March 2017 - Uncategorised -

Here at Day Tours London we are delighted to offer you our popular and wonderful tour to Stonehenge and Bath.

We proudly offer you 2 World Heritage Sites in 1 Day!!

Visit Stonehenge with us!
Stonehenge experiences 800,000 visitors a year to this World Heritage Site! And such a wonderful heritage site it really is!

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One cannot underestimate the sheer magnificence of Stonehenge.

Stonehenge encapsulates in the minds of us all; the wonders of the former human aptitudes and techniques of our ancestors.

Let the beauty of Stonehenge allow you to walk in our ancestral tracks and experience this ancient landmark.

This landmark is beautifully set out in our landscape on the Salisbury Plain and is a tower of strength as one approaches to see these majestic stones.

While on the site , visit the remodelled houses to get a glimpse of the reproduced Neolithic axes, earthenware and other antiquities. Take a look up close at the Sarsen Stone and the size of this wonderful stone.

Visit the new Visitor Centre and Exhibition while in the vicinity also. Both continual and momentary displays are all located here in the new visitor centre. Each exhibition explains the relevance of Stonehenge and how it has left its mark upon the landscape. These exhibitions include audio visual exhibitions and the use of ancient relics and heirlooms, pottery and ancient items. Lots of items that were found at Stonehenge are conveyed in these wonderful displays.

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After you have seen the wonderful Stonehenge and experienced the exhibitions, why not treat yourself to a soup and sandwich in the cafe next door. This cafe adds the perfect pick me up after all the fresh air that you received while at the Stones. There is also a wonderful gift shop onsite too , where you can grab all sorts of gifts for loved ones back home. There is an excellent array of books too onsite of which might interest you on Stonehenge; and the stunning landscape of the Salisbury Plain.

While at Stonehenge you can avail of an audio guide. All audio guides are subject to availability and and are accessible in a number of different languages, just ask our tour guide and he/she will do their best to get you one.

We spend 2 hours here at Stonehenge and from here we head on to the exciting city of Bath. ( More about Bath in our next post! )

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