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Taste The City Of Bath- With Day Tours London.

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Day Tours London, is proud to offer a wonderful day trip to two World UNESCO Heritage Sites in one day!

Day Tours London brings you, your friends and families to Stonehenge and Bath.

Bath is a memorable, beautiful city with its attractive buildings and luxurious surroundings.

While in Bath you may like to visit The Sally Lunn Tea House, which is the oldest house in Bath circa, 1680.


The Sally Lunn Tea House is famed for having its very own Sally Lunn Bun, which is of course baked to the most secret recipe in Britain!

The Sally Lunn Tea House is believed to have originally been the bakery of the young Huguenot Baker herself – Sally Lunn. Sally Lunn created the first most beloved Bath Bun. Her real name was Solange Luyon , but when she arrived in England no one could pronounce her name. And these wonderful buns were becoming so popular, the locals in Bath just needed to find out more about them. And so, this wonderful lady’s name became Sally Lunn.

This little tea house of Heaven is much loved by locals and tourists alike and this is a great sign, as the tea house showcases a zone of friendliness. Inside the tea house, you get a very down to earth feeling to the building, with lots of wood and natural coloured walls, making this a very unique tea time experience.

The Bun Itself:
The Sally Lunn Bun is famous due to the superb skill of creating a robust , brioche type bun very like the French Breads that would have been famous before Sally Lunn escaped from France.

One can enjoy this bun either sweet or savoury, the choice is yours! Just indulge your taste buds!

The Sally Lunn Bun became very popular in Georgian England , and very soon people just ordered the Sally Lunn Bun and nothing else! This bun was luxurious and yet comforting all in one, a perfect treat after a long day in Bath Spa!

Why is the Sally Lunn Bun so popular?
The Sally Lunn is a mixture of a bun, a magnificent bread and a luxurious cake all in one! The bun is also large and light, which means its perfect for sharing and one does not feel too guilty after consuming its deliciousness!
The Sally Lunn bun is served with jam or butter and my favourite – ” cinnamon butter”, with a pot of tea! Life is sweeter with a Sally Lunn Bun and the perfect pot of tea! Sol et Lune- also known as sun and moon, the bun itself represents the sun- the golden crust and the moon- the white base interior. Quite the perfect analogy for this wonderful bun!

There is also The London Bath Bun in the city of Bath.
The London Bath Bun is smaller, heavy and sweet, with raisins also. ( I love this London Bath Bun too and so its very hard to choose between the two buns in Bath! ) I will leave you make up your own opinion on that!

Taste Bath city with Day Tours London and experience the magic of this World Heritage City today!
This day tour to Stonehenge & Bath runs daily.

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