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The Best Fish and Chips in London!

4th February 2015 - Uncategorised -


The Best Places for Fish and Chips in London

Visitors to London often wonder where  to get great Fish and Chips!  Here are a few recommendations from us!  Jump on the “tube” (London Underground) and try some!  Just search online for directions to each!  When you get back from our Day Tour you could go straight away if you are hungry!  Always check opening hours online to avoid disappointment, as traditional Fish and Chip shops sometimes close earlier than expected, or are closed on Sundays or Mondays.

Fish & Chips” Soho

Berwick Street is noted for its food market, and so this simply, but aptly, named diner offers some very tasty fish and chips in its bid to compete with the stalls. A simple menu and a no-frills service is the order of the day, but do note, the Fish & Chips diner closes at 19:00. The mushy peas are better than they have any right to be, while takeaways come wrapped in paper.

Poppies, Spitalfields

If you can envisage an East End wartime hangout with a British version of Happy Days, you’ve got Poppies. This fish and chip shop is decorated with memorabilia and the staff wear classic diner attire. There’s always an eclectic atmosphere here, but there’s almost always a queue too given its popularity.

Gigs, Goodge Street

Despite the presence of a Greek salad with some dishes here, the food isn’t exactly healthy, but there’s certainly more choice than the average chip shop, as Gigs fuses traditional British favourites with Greek Cypriot fare. You can choose from the likes of scampi and haddock or grilled halloumi and falafel.

Golden Union Fish Bar, Soho

Another Soho establishment, the Golden Union Fish Bar is a homage to the traditional English chippy – the walls are tiled, diners sit around vibrant yellow Formica tables, and a basic (but well cooked) menu is the order of the day. The homemade tartar sauce is quite strong, while the batter is crispy and light. Should you find yourself wanting more, try the Jude’s ice cream milkshake for dessert.

The Golden Hind, Marylebone

This venue encourages eater to converse with their neighbours thanks to the tightly packed tables, which means there’s a warmly welcoming ambiance here. Fish, chips, and peas are all sold separately, meaning you can have exactly how much you want – perhaps with a few slices of white buttered bread on the side. Alcohol isn’t served, but you’re welcome to bring your own if you wish, or you could opt for a good strong cup of tea.

North Sea Fish Restaurant, Bloomsbury

From the exterior, this Bloomsbury venue doesn’t look like much but it’s a venue that has had a loyal clientele for decades and quality fish. Once you step inside, the décor is a throwback to the 70s and many of its customers are fast approaching that decade of their lives but the North Sea Fish Restaurant’s landmark presence in London taxi drivers’ ‘the knowledge’ test shows it’s somewhere well worth visiting.

Masters Super Fish, Southwark

This has long been a favourite amongst London’s taxi drivers, and while the interior recalls that of a greasy spoon – with hand-written menu edits and plastic tables – the food is something truly special. Everyone who opts to dine-in get a free prawn dish appetiser, while most customers struggle to eat the mains such is their size.

Kerbisher & Malt, Shepherds Bush

This is an upmarket fish and chip shop and proud of it. Kerbisher & Malt has captured the essence of the traditional British chippy and brought it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The fish is served either grilled, fried, or in matzo meal, while the sides on offer include dill salad, fennel, and pickled onion rings.