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The Best Things To Do While On Tour With Day Tours London!

20th August 2015 - Uncategorised -

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There is so much to see and do while on tour with Day Tours London. Here are a few of our favorite things to check out; explore, wander, dream, enjoy, capture a moment and learn about- while on both tours to Stonehenge, Bath and English Countryside and Oxford, Stratford and Cotswolds Discovery.

1) Discover Stonehenge and its mysteries, visit the Stonehenge Visitor Centre and take a peek at its amazing exhibition.
2) Meet Rozie and Jenny our amazing tour guides- who take you to all of these wonderful locations, telling wonderful stories along the way.
3) Explore Bath city – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a stunning city famous for its Roman Baths.
4) Visit Stratford Upon Avon- home of William Shakespeare and visit his stunning home in the heart of Stratford.
5) Take a wander down the narrow streets of Stratford Upon Avon and explore the many fine jewellery shops the town has to offer, you will not be disappointed!
6) See and take in the expansive landscape of the Salisbury Plain, where Stonehenge is located.
7) Indulge in the famous Sally Lunn Bun while in Bath! Eat, enjoy, savor the flavour of this unique treat!
8) Visit one or many of the stunning colleges in Oxford, take in the beauty of this “city of dreaming spires”!
9) Explore Blackwell’s Bookshop while in Oxford,climb the stairs of beauty to the many different sections in which the shop offers or go the basement!Such a wonderful bookshop-full of life!
10) Why not enjoy a scone in Stratford on a Saturday or Sunday morning with a nice relaxing cup of tea in Hobson’s Cafe, you will love their large scones!
11) Visit the Alice in Wonderland Shop in Oxford, for all things Alice inspired!
12) Go and explore the link between Harry Potter and Oxford, while in Oxford.
13) Enjoy a scenic drive through the spectacular English Countryside with us while enjoying the comfort of our luxurious coaches.
14) Take a picture of the Radcliff Camera while in Oxford!
15) Enjoy the scenic area of the Cotswold’s while on route to Oxford. Take in the beauty of these villages, and stunning Cotswold homes.
16)Visit the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, for all aspects related to Jane. Experience this period residence and its old world style and beauty.
17) Listen to the audio guide given at Stonehenge and take a wander around the site. History is truly amazing!
18) See lots of wildlife while on route through the countryside- baby lambs, sheep, wild birds of prey,pigs, cows, cattle and beautiful green fields.
19) Visit the most haunted pub in Oxford!
20) Meet the resident Shaman at Stonehenge!