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The Mystery Of Stonehenge….

3rd November 2015 - Uncategorised -

Stonehenge is so beautiful throughout the year.
And here is some of our latest snaps, that you can see here from the Salisbury Plain, taken by Rozie our tour guide.
These pictures certainly add to the mystery of Stonehenge.
The late October and early November colours are certainly moody for this time of year and make the human psyche feel at one with nature, now that Halloween is over and Winter is on its way!
Some questions on Stonehenge…..
Who built it?
Was Stonehenge built for burial reasons or ceremonies and rituals?
Was it a source of information?
What were the people like that lived near or at Stonehenge?
How big were the families that lived near it?
Is Stonehenge a magical place?
Perhaps it was built by aliens?
Why is always so cold at Stonehenge?

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Military helicopter near Stonehenge.