Blog By Our Dover and Canterbury Tour Guide – Lucy!

Hi everyone, our latest blog post  is by Lucy-  our Dover and Canterbury tour guide. Hope you all enjoy it! Lucy really lets us into the joys of these fantastic locations! Thank you Lucy! 🙂  Make sure to join Lucy on her tales of Canterbury and Dover next time you are in town!

Are you wondering what tour would entice you more? Let me start by saying I am a little biased as not only am I one of the tour guide’s at Day Tours London, I was born and raised in Kent.

Have you ever wanted to be on one of those L’oreal hair adverts  where they use a wind machine to create that movement, well what about standing up high feeling like a viking warrior whilst your hair triumphantly billows behind you? This magical place is of course the “White Cliffs” plenty of stunning views, secret pathways and fresh sea air.

I was one of those strange teenagers who thoroughly enjoyed being taken to churches and castles. My favourite was Dover Castle and although I’ve gazed upon it many times I never tire of its brilliance, and of course the spectacular views of Dover town. You may be thinking “whats so different about this one”? Well this particular  fortress has secret wartime tunnels, you can try to imagine what life was like underground and discover some inspiring stories. Even if you are not a history buff you can still let your imagination run away with you!

Canterbury- Walking down cobbled streets, watching the old pub signs swinging, listening to the many buskers along the street and the smell of honey roasted nuts always reminds me I am home. When the sun is shining but my legs are so tired from doing 100 squats in the gym ( ok maybe it was closer to 50 but it felt like more.) I wonder what is another way to view the sites of Canterbury without actually having to move? Then I remember the boat tours! You can purchase a lunch hamper sit back and sip a glass of prosecco whilst listening to the history of Canterbury.

Hidden Places- Sitting on the second floor of a very old building sipping a chilli hot chocolate I can just see the top of Canterbury Cathedral. My dilemma still remains shall I have strawberries dipped in Chocolate or waffles covered in strawberries -covered in chocolate!? The name of this rather quirky place is called the Chocolate Cafe as the name suggests there is rather a lot of chocolate involved ,so even if you order a savoury dish you can have their special choc/balsamic sauce, are you ready to tantalise those taste buds?

My favourite pub is the Old Buttermarket it is a place where you can get some good old fashioned ” pub grub” as we say; fish and chips, burgers and pies or you can have a fancy sandwich. I am currently following the avocado craze at the moment so I always order the smashed avocado open sandwich with char- grilled veg. The place is a bit of labyrinth just when you think you have seen it all suddenly there is another turn, another corridor and another room!

So I must admit I am not the most religious person in the world yet I often find myself drawn to the Cathedral. Sometimes we want a place we can sit quietly and gather our thoughts, the place for me is walking down into the crypt writing a poem or a prayer and lighting a candle.

So if you want to visit a smaller city , one that is not too hectic and crazy like some of the others, then Canterbury is definitely for you!



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