Frequently Asked Questions About Our Stonehenge & Bath Tour!

This is one of our most popular tours here at Day Tours London and is loved by customers of all ages.

Of course a trip to the UK would not be complete without a trip to either Stonehenge and or  Bath. This combination proves to be the most sought-after tour and is another tour which is  ticked  off the bucket list for some!

Let our experienced tour guides let you into the mystery and magic of the English Countryside.  Our tour guides  pride themselves on letting you into the lives of the local people, their culture and what modern life is like for locals today  but also what life was like in the past.

See below  some of the frequently asked questions we often get about this ever celebrated tour!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Stonehenge , Bath And English Countryside Full Day Tour:

How long does this tour spend at Stonehenge?

We typically spend 1.5 hours at Stonehenge. This will give you time to experience the Stones and have a look at the Exhibition Centre also.

Is Stonehenge admission included in the price of the tour ?

Yes, Stonehenge admission is included in the price of the tour. So once you book this tour, this is automatically taken care of and admission is included, worth £19 per person!

Is there a café at Stonehenge?

Yes, there is large café at Stonehenge where you can have a spot of lunch or a coffee.

Are there audio-guides available at Stonehenge?

Yes, there are audio-guides available at Stonehenge. If you would prefer your audio-guide in a specific language please ask your guide on route and he or she will organise this for you.

How long does this tour spend in the city of Bath ?

We spend approximately 3 hours in the city of Bath, which is quite a good bit of time. We like to give our customers time to explore this beautiful location  and to get a real feel for this ancient city.

Are the Roman Baths included in the price of the tour?

The Roman Baths are not included in the price of the tour. You can either buy these tickets online at the Roman Baths website or you can purchase on the day. This will be up to you to decide.

Is lunch included in the price of the tour?

Lunch is not included in the price of the tour. Long sit down lunches are not recommended due to long queues and because there is so much to see while in Bath. We recommend a more grab and go style lunch, e.g sandwiches, pasties, soup, salads, wraps etc to keep you going while you enjoy this fantastic city!

Is there a toilet on the bus/ coach?

There is no toilet on the bus/ coach; however, there are toilets at Stonehenge and at Bath to avail of. If it is an urgent matter of using the restrooms please consult your tour guide who will speak to our driver and he/she will find a suitable safe services to get to.

Is there a walking tour provided in the city of Bath?

Yes! There is an optional walking tour provided by our tour guide in the city of Bath. You may choose to take part in this walking tour and you do not have to if you do not wish either.

Where can I pick up the tour in the morning?

Customers can get this tour at either our Victoria stop or our Gloucester Rd Stop. See online booking form for exact address.

Do I have to book online for this tour?

All our tours can be booked online at We accept online bookings only, all bookings must be pre-booked.

Where is the drop off location in the evening for this tour?

This tour drops off near Hammersmith Station at approx 6.30 pm.

How many people are approximately on this tour?

The size of this tour varies season by season. Averaging off season, at approx 30 passengers and peak season possibly 45-50 passengers.  This is not a small group tour. If you are interested in our Small Group Tour to Stonehenge and Bath, please see that  tour on the main page of the website!

Are children under 4 years  allowed on this tour?

We do not allow children under 4 years on this tour, due to the day being so long.

Why do we as a company only visit two locations on this tour?

Here at Day Tours London, we believe that for the customer to really experience these two fantastic locations it is better that we focus on these areas only. Adding other locations into this tour would make the day even longer and would mean less time to explore Stonehenge and Bath. The day would also be very rushed if we added extra locations to the tour and the customer would not benefit from this.

What clothes should I wear on this tour?

Always wear warm clothing when visiting Stonehenge. Because  even on a hot sunny day there is sharp wind at this exposed location in Salisbury. Wear comfortable walking shoes also.

Who is this tour suitable for?

This tour is suitable for families, groups, the young at heart, couples , seniors and teenagers.

Will I have time to explore in Bath?

We do spend 3 hours in Bath. But we do advise to use your time wisely, if you wish to explore the beautiful streets of Bath or visit the Roman Baths for example. If you wish to see the Roman Baths allow yourself at least 40 mins depending on your level of interest in the Baths. You can decide to do our optional walking tour which will take you to the Royal Cresent etc. However, if you wish to see the Jane Austen Centre you need to factor the amount of time you need also here.

Do I have time to bathe in Bath Spa?

Bookings for Bath Spa need to be booked in advance and Bath Spa has many queues. You would not have time to go Bath Spa on this tour. However, if you really wish to visit Bath Spa you could always end the tour in Bath and go to the Spa yourself and make your own way back to London at your leisure. Do please tell your tour guide regarding this before you leave Bath or notify the office in advance!

Can I bring my luggage with me on this tour?

Yes, we have plenty of space underneath the coach for luggage.

Can I end the tour in Bath?

Yes, you may stay in Bath after the tour if you so wish, please notify the office and your guide in advance. And you can make your own way back to London.

We hope this set of frequently asked questions has shed a little light on this popular tour to Stonehenge and Bath. We hope that we will see you soon to visit these 2 World Heritage Sites in 1 Day! For the greatest day tours come with us here at Day Tours London!

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